Sustainability is a Circular Economy.  This means keeping products in use for as long as possible, before being disposed of without harm.  




We have included some of the ways we are currently managing our environmental footprint and overall sustainability values.  These are only the beginning.  As we grow, we are so excited to be able to bring more unique ways we are making our business better for the planet.  Watch this space. 

Find more detail about each of these values here;



We create boutique small run pieces that fall as part of a broader reference collection, aiming to make as many of our pieces trans-seasonal to give you the most wear out of each garment.  Small quantity production allows us to provide you with unique, limited and individual pieces, whilst ensuring we minimise overstock and waste from unsold product. 

We try to maintain minimal fabric and material stock levels, by purchasing consciously and using our materials efficiently. 


Office Waste

Our studio includes a number of waste management solutions including;

  • Reuse of pattern and copy paper
  • Reuse of fabric for toile/sampling
  • Use of small fabric scraps for fabric ties and other small projects
  • Disposal of old stationery through Terra Cycle and Green Collect - an Environmental social enterprise
  • Kerbside recycling for cans, tins, glass, cardboard and plastic bottles
  • Redcycle for soft plastic recycling
  • Compost for food scraps, paper bags, flowers etc.
  • Bottle tops collected for metal recycling
  • Plastic bottle top are collected and up cycled into prosthetic hands for children -
  • Any electronic waste, light globes, old equipment etc. is taken to our local Council Waste Depot, where it is sorted and recycled appropriately.


We have less control on how our external parties manage their waste, noting that we take back plastic fabric packaging for recycling, and collect fabric cut offs for reuse/recycling.  All other smaller items such as trims packaging is recycled where possible, or if in useable condition reused.  As a goal of 2020, we are looking into how we can improve management of all our waste, working internally to develop better procedures and solutions, as well as with our manufacturers and suppliers to see how we can do better across the board.



  • Our paper is 100% post consumer recycled paper.
  • We only print where necessary and waste paper is reused or recycled.
  • Any new stationary is mostly sourced from Green Collect or Buy Eco Green.
  • Where batteries are required, we use rechargeable batteries.
  • Our printer cartridges are purchased from a recycled supplier.




  • Compliments Cards – We are so excited about your compliments cards issued as part of your order! These 100% recycled paper beauties have tiny little native Australian seeds in them, so when you are done with reading instructions about your order you can water and sow them in some soil and watch the flowers grow. The bees will thank you!

  • Swing Tags – All of our garment tags are made from 100% recycled paper, printed with soy ink from a local Victorian printer.  We have chosen not to use pins/plastic clips to secure our swing tags, as these end up in landfill as they are not able to be recycled/reused. 
  • Stickers - Our stickers are made from certified well managed forests, printed with soy ink from a local Victorian printer.


  • Tissue – Our custom tissue has been sourced from FSC forests, and is printed with soy ink. Our black tissue is 100% recycled paper.


  • Boxes – Our boxes are unbleached Kraft card, selected to suit the size of your order.  They have been sourced to ensure your delivery arrives undamaged and in pristine condition. Our boxes can easily be reused to pack those old clothes you sell on eBay, or recycled in a kerbside waste bin.  We are seeking to source recycled Kraft boxes suitable for shipping but have been unsuccessful to date.  This is another improvement goal for 2020.


  • Packing Tape – Kraft packing tape is used to seal up your package and can be recycled with your box.


  • Shipping Labels - Our shipping labels are either supplied as 100% recycled paper and can be recycled with your postage box, or compostable labels which can be composted with your soft compostable mailer. 



    Our studio is powered by Power Shop who are 100% carbon neutral.   They own only renewable assets (through their parent company), don’t have any contracts to buy energy from fossil fuel power stations and have great community projects.

    We choose to offset any of our energy use beyond our control, which includes anyone external to our studio, such as our technicians, manufacturers and suppliers. 



    Due to their efficiency of delivery across all areas of Australia we send all Australian orders via Australia Post. All international orders are delivered through DHL.

    Our studio is located within minutes of several forms of public transport. Not only is this a more environmentally friendly mode of transport, it can be quicker and less frustrating then sitting in traffic. 

    We choose to limit air travel, by trying to source materials and production locally.  Where air travel is required, this is offset.  We also are very apt at travelling with a lighter footprint by bringing reusable bags, cups, cutlery and refusing single use plastic where at all possible.