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Rebel Kiss

The Rebel Kiss Collection was inspired by the 1950s subculture, Teddy Girls (or Judies).   These rebellious teens rebelled against the austerity of these times, taking inspiration from their male counterparts - Teddy Boys.  Teds, whose name was derived from the Edwardian gent dress they took inspiration from, took to change the expectations of them in a traditional and conservative post-war economy.  Their mostly thrifted smartly tailored suits, usually reserved for the upper class, became political statements; annoying the upperclass who considered the Teds delinquents.

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Edgy | Elevated | Conscious | Considered

Our Story

Born from the need to be different in a world where it's easy to blend in.  

Created consciously from sustainable materials with a circular approach.  Made in Melbourne, Australia in limited small production collections.

Basically, we just make really cool clothes that are better for the planet.


Conscious and Considered

Our core values are centered around having a little harmful impact on the planet as possible across every aspect of our business.  

The environmentally sustainable values and ethics of Noble Kind are interlaced throughout every aspect of our brand, from the sourcing of sustainable, animal-free materials and packaging, through to the management of waste and use of power & water.

We create small run collections locally in Melbourne, Australia, limiting how much we produce to retain individuality and minimise waste.  We produce a broad range of sizes, to ensure women of various body sizes all have access to beautiful well-made garments.   

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Our Values