Noble Kind was founded to bring edgy yet elevated, sustainable and thoughtful fashion, to women across a broader range of sizes.  

Creating tailored pieces that are style, rather than trend driven, our garments are designed to be worn again and again, challenging you to team your new Noble Kind garments with your existing wardrobe loves, showing your own unique style. Our exceptional fit and tailoring creates high quality garments, of limited release to drive a more considered approach to fashion.  

Our mission is to create a brand that has as little impact on our planet as possible.  We use local suppliers and manufacturers who value their employees.  Our fabrics and trims are all sourced with consideration of the environment, from their raw fibre through to how they are disposed of.  Their ability to last as a quality product and at the end of their life, be disposed of without harm is of the upmost importance to us.

We refuse to use any animal products or fibres, including silk and wool, and source equally luxurious vegan fibres.  We manage waste considerately and use appropriate avenues to dispose of any waste that can't be recycled or up-cycled.  

From the development of each garment design through to the delivery to our customers, we make sure our Conscious and Considered approach is ingrained in everything we do. Don't get us wrong - we are far from perfect! There are always things we can do better, and as we grow we are excited to continue to take on the challenge to improve as many of our processes and systems, making them even more sustainable and ethical.

Basically we just make really cool clothes that are better for the planet.

Alicia - Founder