We want your garments to last, so you can pass them on to your grandkids.  So you can contact us at any time should you need a new button/zip/buckle, or your garment is in need of repair and we will offer you either a replacement trim (with simple sewing instructions) or an in-house repair if the purchase was within the last 2 years. Simple right.  

Repairing any of your old garments can be fun and allow you to add your own individual touch.  We have to say that the garments we have repaired from our own closets are actually the ones we love the most because these little touches make your clothes 100% unique and even more beautiful - that's pretty awesome in a world where we can all end up looking the same.  Google Boro or Sashiko, the Japanese art of mending for some inspiration and tag us #beanoblekind so we can see your repairs.