This garment is made from a luxurious hemp/organic cotton blend, dyed with Oeko-tex certified dyes.  Hemp ages naturally, becoming softer and taking on a vintage look with wear.  Hemp is an amazing crop that requires far less water and pesticides than cotton, is fast growing, produces large yields and is mould & mildew resistant.  Hemp keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.  More details in our pages on Fabrications.

The buttons are made from Tagua Nut, a seed of palm trees, and is also known as vegetable ivory.  These have been custom dyed in Melbourne, Australia to match each of our fabrics.

At the end of its life, this garment will be almost entirely biodegradable, with the exception of thread & labels - making it part of a circular economy.

We recommend that you hang your garment outside to air after use.  This helps keep it fresh without having to wash it after each use - saving unnecessary water and energy use.  

See our Garment Care page for tips and tricks to keep your clothes in top condition.