This garment is made from a cotton lace mesh, lined with Cupro lining.  Cotton, and Cupro lining are great natural fibres given their ability to breath, be moisture wicking, anti-static, comfortable to wear all year around and are biodegradable at the end of their life.  

Cupro is a great by-product of the cotton plant, and what would normally become a waste product becomes a soft, luxury, 'vegan silk' fabric which is great for a wide range of garments.  Check out our Fabrications page to learn more about this plant.

Both of these fabrics have been sourced from deadstock, which allows us to repurpose material that otherwise could end up in landfill or incinerated.  Find out more about our materials in our page on Fabrications.

Our zips are locally sourced in Melbourne, Australia.  We are working towards sourcing more eco friendly zips such as recycled/organic cotton, as we grow and we are able to meet minimum quantities required.

We recommend that you hang your garment outside to freshen up after use. This helps keep it fresh and ready to wear, without having to wash it after each use, reducing water, power, waste and your own energy.  When you do need to wash it, we recommend a cold hand/gentle machine wash and line dry.  

See our Garment Care page for tips and tricks to keep your garments in top condition.